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Monday, March 29, 2010

"EA, thou art so greedy"

      I would like to make something very clear.  I am an avid gamer (as well as petrol head and technophile).  I often download demos onto my PC and Xbox 360.  Like 99% of humanity, I don't like spending without knowing what I'm getting for my money.  So I download demos to see if the game's any good.  Now though EA have suggested that video game demos are "premium content", and thus one must pay to download them, then pay again for the full game.  GM Nick Earl said that it would "serve as a low-cost marketing tool" to reduce the risk of needlessly promoting a game that might not do well.

  WTF?!  Of course they won't do well, who's going to pay to try them out?  Who, I ask?  EA has tried to avoid this reaction, by stating that "None of the proposals call for charging consumers for traditionally free game demos".  So, in what way will the new proposed premium content be different from current premium content such as add-ons.  I'm confused!

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  1. are they serious? the idea of a demo is to try before you buy, not buy to try, just to buy some more, its nothing but a thinly veiled plot at making money, and with the amount of saps out there i can imagine it doing well, but i hope they don't go through with this. the logic behind this is not only selfish, but absurd.