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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Houston, we have a problem

   I dunno about you guys, but have you seen a really great development in gaming graphics over the past four, perhaps five years?  I certainly haven't, at least I haven't noticed anything remarkable.  Yes, computer models can really mimic human behavior and stuff, but I've seen very few models that have a human texture.  I dunno, but once you look into their eyes, they seem dead.

   Maybe what I'm talking about is something that a computer can never do, or maybe I'm nit-picking, but can you guys see what I'm on about?  We need to work harder, and finally breathe the essence of life into our video games.  I'd love to feel as though I'm really fighting with a hardy bunch of Marines on Halo, or beating Al Qaeda arse in Medal of Honour.  I really do.


  1. the heavy rain characters acted in such a way which made them seem real, at leat realistic enough to have me agonizing over the decisions i made for them, i think heavy rain was a big step, the problem is in the hardware, no new consoles have come out in the last few years which allow games to take it that step further, and while pcs can have immense processing power when compared to consoles( i am, of course, talking about gaming pcs), but whats the point of making a pc exclusive game when for less impressive graphics, therefore less development time and thus, less money to pay the graphic designers when you can have a game on all platforms, for smaller price but more profits, the only reason heavy rain worked was because the levels were small and, unlike in fps' like halo or medal of honour, there weren't alot of explosions, sounds or big levels for the game to process as well, it might be year into the future, but i think right now it hinges on the standards the consoles set, in which case this proverbial stalemate of design will be with us for a few more years

    god i right too much, don't i? :P

  2. Then again, Halo Wars has pretty impressive characters in its cut scenes, but I still feel that actual in-game graphics (not just appearance) are far off from human nature.

    I think that the game that came closest to human nature was Star Wars: Force Unleashed. If you had to use the force to tear a gantry high above from the wall, and there was, for example, one person on the gantry and another in the doorway, the man on the gentry will try to grab at the man in the doorway for support. Now that is awesome.

  3. yeah, the problem with in game graphics is that if a company makes a game, with really awesome graphics, but its too much for consoles and mainstream pcs then the game won't sell, in fact it could also be the company urges devs to do the minimum so that the game does not cost so much to the company, while there are companies out there that do it for the love of video games, they are few and far between, the company that made force unleashed being a good example, and i agree, that is awesome.

    btw the example you mentioned(guy grabbing the other) is AI, not graphics, which is in the programming of the game, hopefully well see more games mimicking force unleashed( in a good way)

  4. As I said, by graphics I mean not just appearance. What I meant to say was that the way in which the AI grabs the other is very human like, for example if he is too far away his fingers slip on the other's armor, not grabbing cause he is too far away.

    But you make a fair point...