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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Florence + The Machine to sing in Twilight: Eclipse? Gulp.

   Ok.  Florence and the Machine said to NME Magazine that "would do a song for the Twilight soundtrack".  But it's not confirmed yet.  Eclipse has to be signed off first, then Florence Welch could be confirmed as involved.  Well, I guess I'd shop my balls off just to listen to her sing... As would most male music fans.  As it is, she has three songs in the top 40 Uk Hit Singles Chart on MTV (You've Got The Dirtee Love; Dog Days Are Over and You've got the Love), proving that genuine talent, years of hard work and innovation do work out, even without a major recording label behind your back, covering your every move.  You hear that Justin Bieber?  What if there was no Usher?  Hey, best of luck, just watch it dude.  Watch it.

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